Synthesis Pro — July 29, 2012

Synthesis Pro


There are many ways to synthesis photos, specially, [ Synthesis Pro ] can synthesis a stunning art photo by overlapping photo with other after remove the dark or bright color of photos.

Step 1 : Choose an top photo. (Ex. Portrait )
Step 2 : Choose a back photo. (Ex. Landscape )

Just two simple steps, you can have the most fantastic photo !

[ Synthesis Pro ] still has further functions for people who want to adjust photo more :

For back photo : Blur, contrast, brightness, yellowish and sharp effects.
For top photo : Adjust size and position by using gestures. You can choose to keep bright or dark color, and change the contrast and transparency as well.

Text :
6 special fonts, 48 build-in fonts, are free to change color, size, position and transparency.

1. Select photo of white or black background, can easily get the most interesting photo.
2. Text on your photo should be the last step to do.




Caption Foto — July 13, 2012

Caption Foto

[Caption Foto] help you to easily create a comic-like album with lots of fonts and layout freely.


* Free layout: ALL photoS you choose are just like unlimited comic frame, which are also can be the caption for putting photos in.
* Super caption: Because of independent pointer, caption not only can put text on, but also can use photo to be the caption.
* Every photo is free to change contrast, blur, brightness, yellowish and sharpen.
* 10 funny fonts, and 48 build-in fonts.
* Change text’s position, size, transparency and color are possible.
* Photo’s border width and corner are changeable.
* Caption can be changed from square border corner to round border corner.
* 3 styles of pointers can be used.
* Pointer is free to adjust position and size.




Double Fx —

Double Fx


Double Fx has 5 powerful filters: Blur, bright, sharpen, contrast, yellowish. And it also offers 80 effects include crack, wave, fire, broken glass…etc, for create more possibilities and having much more fun of your photos !

You can have a totally different photo from the original by using both filters and effects whether it’s bright or dark. For example, with bright photo, you can use the stone crack effect and adjust the contract filter to maximum; with dark photo, you can choose spray effect and increase the blur filters. These are good way to create a stunning photo than the original.

* [Double Fx] supports high, medium, low DPI save.

* [Double Fx] provide 6 unique fonts, 48 build-in fonts for you to input words on photo

$ 1.99