There are many ways to synthesis photos, specially, [ Synthesis Pro ] can synthesis a stunning art photo by overlapping photo with other after remove the dark or bright color of photos.

Step 1 : Choose an top photo. (Ex. Portrait )
Step 2 : Choose a back photo. (Ex. Landscape )

Just two simple steps, you can have the most fantastic photo !

[ Synthesis Pro ] still has further functions for people who want to adjust photo more :

For back photo : Blur, contrast, brightness, yellowish and sharp effects.
For top photo : Adjust size and position by using gestures. You can choose to keep bright or dark color, and change the contrast and transparency as well.

Text :
6 special fonts, 48 build-in fonts, are free to change color, size, position and transparency.

1. Select photo of white or black background, can easily get the most interesting photo.
2. Text on your photo should be the last step to do.