【 Ink HDR 】can strengthen the photo’s bright and dark part. Specially for colorful photos – Using 【 Ink HDR 】, the dark part will become pure black, and more vivid of bright part’s colors. If you want to simplify your photo but also make brightness brighter,  【 Ink HDR 】is absolutely the best choice !!

Low brightness is always the problem as you take photo without sunshine, and the photo will be too dark. Therefore, if you feel photo is nearly black after using 【 Ink HDR 】, you can readjust the original photo’s brightness and contract then use Ink effect again and again, until you get the suitable result! ( Click the screen to get back to the original photo )

【 Ink HDR 】has 2 more special function :

● -Color : If you want your photo dimmer, using -Color for reducing the color’s saturation.

● Edge : For describing the edge.


* Basic filters: Blur, Contrast, brightness, yellowish and sharpen.
* Special filters : -Color, gamma, emboss, edge and black & white.
* Text : 9 unique fonts, 49 build-in fonts. All fonts are free to change size, position and color.




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