Pure BW — October 20, 2012

Pure BW


You love Black & White image because without colors you can see more special about the image. You love Black & White image which is simply depicted by lines because it is just like a drawing with lasting fascination. You love Black & White image which is simplified because it is more pure without noises.

[Pure BW] offers 9 Black & White effects for image, includes line¬†emphasis, color-block contract…etc. [Pure BW]’s effects can turn you photo into unique Black & White image by changing photo’s composition from complicate to simple.

[Pure BW] can easily use different ways to change photo’s lines and color-blocks for emphasizing the composition of photo, and then combine with grayscale layer to¬†synthesis a drawing-like Black & White image.

In addition, [Pure BW] offers 6 fonts with Black & White image, and also offers low, medium and high DPI.



Gradient Pro — October 13, 2012

Gradient Pro


There are many ways to synthesis photos, however, gradient is always the most popular way. [ Gradient Pro] can not only synthesis two photos into one, but also can do single photo’s synthesis by using gradient effect, the benefit is that you can easily make creative photos by using different filters for two layers, Such as, one layer in emboss filter and the other in yellowish filter.

Photos are usually portrait with landscape background, it’s frustrated when you have a photo with beautiful portrait but boring background, anyway, [ Gradient Pro] can do the best make up for it. [ Gradient Pro] has easy operation and plentiful functions, definitely is the best helper for everyone.

Basic filters: Blur, Contract, Brightness, Yellowish, Sharpen and Relief.

[ Gradient Pro] offers 8 special effects : engraving, sketch, dark sharpen…etc.

No matter single or two photos’ synthesis are separated from one to two layers, top and back. The top layer is the gradient layer you made, and two layers can use different filters as well. In addition, the top layer is free to change size, position and even can do the mirror image for you. ( Making mirror image just need to put you two fingers on the top layer )

Support high, medium and low DPI.