Pure BW


You love Black & White image because without colors you can see more special about the image. You love Black & White image which is simply depicted by lines because it is just like a drawing with lasting fascination. You love Black & White image which is simplified because it is more pure without noises.

[Pure BW] offers 9 Black & White effects for image, includes line emphasis, color-block contract…etc. [Pure BW]’s effects can turn you photo into unique Black & White image by changing photo’s composition from complicate to simple.

[Pure BW] can easily use different ways to change photo’s lines and color-blocks for emphasizing the composition of photo, and then combine with grayscale layer to synthesis a drawing-like Black & White image.

In addition, [Pure BW] offers 6 fonts with Black & White image, and also offers low, medium and high DPI.



2 comments on “Pure BW

  1. Richie says:

    Hello Team, i bought BW Pure. It works. But the Addition Apps.(in the BW Pure-App) doesn’t work. It is Color-Drawing and the Halftone Kit. In Color-Drawing the function of Drawing not possible and in Halftone Kit no function possible. I have IPAD2 with OS5, Please help me.

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