Circle Me — November 14, 2012

Circle Me

This is a simple concept – Cut image into circles, and match up with circular back photo. It just needs few easy steps to make a unique and special style of circular art image.

Step 1 : [ Circle Me ] offers 57 circular cutters to help you to cut your photo into amazing circular shapes, all you have to do is play with your creativity by cutting unique circular composition. Every cutter can change the horizontal (single tap the cutter) and vertical (2 fingers tap the cutter), and also can change position and size.

Step 2 : Photo after cutting is free to adjust the position, transparency, contrast, sharpen, blur, brightness, grayscale and 10 color tones.

Step 3 : Select back photo, [ Circle Me ] has 38 special background image samples for you to choose. Of course, pick the images from the album of your iPhone/iPad to be the back photo is possible as well.

After you create the art image, you can still put text on image as well.  [ Circle Me ] offers 6 special fonts and 46 build-in fonts, all fonts can change the position, size and color.

Support low, medium and high DPI.