SqueeZee — December 15, 2012



If you are a fan of distortion effects,[ SqueeZee ] is the app you just cannot miss. Its rich and powerful features allow your photos to look real even after the distortion.

[ SqueeZee ] is good at small-scale deformation. If you don’t want your photo distorted into something exaggerate (e.g. you might don’t want to turn a face into an alien’s face), you can simply adjust the distortion radius smaller. It doesn’t mean [ SqueeZee ] can only distort small area, it can also handle large area distortion without any problem.

3 Distortion tools: Bump Distortion, Twirl Distortion and Pinch Distortion. Bump Distortion creates a bump that originates at a specified point in the image, and Twirl Distortion can twist the angle as well. You can switch from one tool to another anytime you want. They can be used repeatedly until you are satisfied.

One of the biggest features of [ SqueeZee ] is to create kind of Multi-Exposure effect by mixing your original photo with the distorted one. This feature provides infinite possibilities for you to play your ideas.

In addition, [ SqueeZee ] provides three different styles including B/W and Halftone and filters such as contrast, brightness, hue, color saturation, sharpen and blur. These are all tools for you to develop your personal style.

[ SqueeZee ] also provides thumbnail for you to compare the result of distortion and the original photo. You can edit the position and size of thumbnail freely.

[SqueeZee] offers 6 special fonts and 46 build-in fonts, all fonts are free to change size, color and position.

Support low, medium and high DPI.



Pieces Art — December 6, 2012

Pieces Art



[ Pieces Art ]  can cut photo into many pieces randomly, it is easy to create shattering effect on photos by using [ Pieces Art ] .

11 cutting modes : you can select shattering mode or mode that every pieces are inclined the same direction, even more, you can choose distorted pieces mode。and sure you can make shattering effect partly .

[ Pieces Art ]  is extreme easy to use, only two moves on the photo : “Single tap” and “press and hold”.  If you select Angle mode, single  tap will change the shape of pieces, press and hold will delete pieces. If you select Size mode, single tap will make pieces bigger, press and hold will make it smaller. Also, you can point at any pieces to move the position.

All you have to do are select broken pieces mode and tap, it is very easy to use on iPhone/iPad.

Support high, medium and low DPI.