Pieces Art



[ Pieces Art ]  can cut photo into many pieces randomly, it is easy to create shattering effect on photos by using [ Pieces Art ] .

11 cutting modes : you can select shattering mode or mode that every pieces are inclined the same direction, even more, you can choose distorted pieces mode。and sure you can make shattering effect partly .

[ Pieces Art ]  is extreme easy to use, only two moves on the photo : “Single tap” and “press and hold”.  If you select Angle mode, single  tap will change the shape of pieces, press and hold will delete pieces. If you select Size mode, single tap will make pieces bigger, press and hold will make it smaller. Also, you can point at any pieces to move the position.

All you have to do are select broken pieces mode and tap, it is very easy to use on iPhone/iPad.

Support high, medium and low DPI.




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