Flower Me


[Flower Me] synthesize your photos with a variety of flowers images.

There are 83 kinds of flower images for you to make amazing synthesize photo. The flower images include oil style , dot style …etc

9 synthesize style: you can choose different way to synthesize the photo and flower image, make your photo full of beautiful colors and surprise .

Filter: Use contrast and exposure filter to balance the flower image and your photo, and you can change color by Hue adjustment. Even more, the Blur and Sharpen filter are available .

Text: 6 special flower style fonts ,46 system fonts available.

Support low, medium and high DPI.

[Flower Me]將你的相片與各式各樣的花朵圖樣合成為ㄧ張令人驚艷的合成藝術作品。除了精緻清晰的花朵圖樣以外,也包含油畫風格,點狀風格的圖樣,每ㄧ張都能讓你的作品萬紫千紅,賞心悅目。

九種合成方式: 你可選擇不同的合成方式,在你的相片與花朵圖樣之間找ㄧ個最適當的合成法,使得無論是偏暗的相片或是明亮的相片都能與花朵圖樣完美搭配。






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    Thanks for finally writing about >Flower Me eastgrapher <Loved it!

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